Russian church leader says pro-gay marriage laws are like Nazi diktats

Russian patriarch claims gay marriage laws are comparable to Nazi Germany rulings

The patriarch said the laws contradict our moral nature (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Laws allowing homosexuals to get married are comparable to the diktats passed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, according to the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Kiril said the "so-called" laws on homosexuality contradict the moral nature and conscience of human beings, according to news agency EFE.

He was speaking in Biskek, Kyrgyzstan, as he is visiting the country to promote his book Freedom and responsibility, in search of harmony.

Kiril said "sadly, some Western countries have started to approve laws that contradict the moral nature and conscience of the human being."

The cleric added that "people have rebelled against such laws," just as some rebelled against Nazi and apartheid legislation, and suggested recent protests in France against same-sex marriage laws were vindicated, as they "only hoped to express disagreement with the decision of four or five people in the Senate who obliged the whole country to live under new laws."

Russia has regularly been criticised by rights groups for its approach to LGBT issues and remains mired in accusations, with reports of systematic brutality towards homosexuals in the southern republic of Chechnya. The country's human rights monitor has looked into the reports but suggested they are likely false.