A Russian company is minting Donald Trump coins

A Russian company is minting Donald Trump coins

A Russian company is creating Donald Trump coins

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Russian metal company has minted a sterling silver coin to commemorate Donald Trump's inauguration.

The coin shows the President-elect's face on one side and on the other will be the slogan “in Trump we trust," with an image of the Statue of Liberty, CBS News said. 

However collectors who want to grab one of the rather tongue-in-cheek momentos had better get in quick, because only 45 of the coins are being made.

Five of the coins will be made out of gold and the rest will be made of silver. The coins will be five inches in diameter and weigh around 900 grams each.

Vladimir Vasyukhin, director of Art-Grani, the metal works company making the coins, told APTN: "There are more hopes associated with Trump with regards to the lifting of sanctions; maybe the environment [between the U.S. and Russia] will change."

The price of the coins has not yet been decided, but it is said they could cost a “few thousand dollars."

The company would like to present the first coin to Trump himself, and have reportedly spoken to Russian diplomats and business partners in the US about this.