Russian cyberwarfare threat 'very challenging' says security specialist

'We're in a very challenging time', says security specialist after Andrew Parker interview highlights threat of Russian cyberwarfare

The government's announced a new cybersecurity plan

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Security specialist Will Geddes has said the UK is "in a challenging time" due to the growing threat of Russia and rising issues with cybersecurity. 

This follows Chancellor Phillip Hammond's announcement of a £1.9bn government cybersecurity strategy to stop hackers from hijacking websites or spoofing official domains.

The head of MI5, Andrew Parker, subsequently gave an exclusive interview to The Guardian newspaper in which he suggested Russia is attempting to undermine the UK's stability in increasingly aggressive fashion - and identified military secrets, industrial projects, economic information and other confidential government information as potential targets for cyberwarfare.

Will Geddes outlined the particular challenge posed by hacker groups operating without accountability, with the Russian state allegedly happy to let them carry on as long as they don't target Russian assets or interests.

Listen to the interview above.