Russian Facebook accounts 'were able to organise real marches in America'

Russian Facebook accounts 'were able to organise real marches in America'

One of the alleged events was LGBT vigil (Stock image)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Russian operatives running Facebook accounts created their own protests and marches in America, in an alleged attempt to cause division, reports claim.

Many are said to have targeted groups such as Blacktivists, Being Patriotic, Secured Borders, LGBT United, Heart of Texas and United Muslims of America.

It appears as if the pages were attempting to enforce division within the country during Presidential election campaiging, according to Pink News.

The Wall Street Journal claims the Russians organised at least 22 events in America and enlisted the help of unsuspecting activists.

One of the alleged events was a vigil for the massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando.

Another was a march supporting a black man who’d been shot by the police, held on the same day as a Blue Lives Matter march by another Russian page, it is claimed. 

Social media analyst Jonathan Albright found that whilst the pages rarely mentioned the Presidential election, they could have drowned out coverage from other American pages.

He said the English language posted "is nearly flawless" and “the goal seemed less to inspire enthusiasm for one candidate than to dampen support for voting at all."

Facebook has admitted that Russian officials were able to use the social media site to create propaganda for use towards Americans, however it has now removed hundreds of pages.