Russian fighter jet to be fitted with artificial intelligence

Russian fighter jet to fitted with artificial intelligence

Future Russian fighter jets will have AI (Stock image)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Russia is giving its sixth-generation fighter jet artificial intelligence – meaning it should be able to make decisions without input from the pilot.

The chief designer at Russia's United Aircraft Corporation Sergei Korotkov spoke to Zvezda about the jet.

According to Sputnik News he said the plane can be controlled by the crew, but in particular emergency situations it can make its own decisions.

The announcement of the sixth-generation fighter jet was made last year by Dmitry Rogozin, the deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Aerospace Forces Commander Colonel General Viktor Bondarev also said a seventh-generation version was being worked on.

Head of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Ilya Tarasenko has said the fourth-generation fighter jet will stop being used in 10 years.​

It has also been reported that the Russian fifth-generation fighter jet is also able to decide to eject the pilot, without the pilot commanding it to do so.

Russian deputy defence minister Yury Borisov claims the fifth-generation fighter jet is at its final stage and this year "the 10th and 11th models which will be tested, while the first serial procurement of the T-50 fighters is scheduled for the next state armament program for 2018-2025."