Russian tournament lets teams play curling with cars

Russian tournament lets teams play curling with cars

The teams used cars instead of the usual stones (Stock image)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Car curling appears to be the newest sport out there, after a tournament was held in Russia. 

Instead of the usual stones used in curling, teams used cars, pushing them across ice towards giant curling markings, Reuters said.

Four teams of 10 took part in the event in the city of Ekaterinburg, one of which was a professional curling team.

The cars' engines had been removed to make them lighter and the windows had been taken out for safety, organiser Galina Kirkach said.

Of course no brooms were used in this event, but the driver was allowed to steer the vehicle, however only after the other nine team members let go of the car.

To win the game points were gained by the team's car being closest to the centre of the markings, and extra points could also be gained for cars closest to opponents.

The winners of the tournament received 100,000 rubles (£1,300).

The event was also sponsored by a car insurance company, as organiser Kirkach said it would enforce the idea that drivers need insurance.

Watch a video of the event below