Russian warships set sail despite growing tension with Nato

Russian warships set sail despite growing tension with NATO

Two vessels have set forth for St Petersburg (stock photo)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Russian warships have set sail for St Petersburg amid growing tension with Nato. 

A missile submarine called Dmitry Donskoy and a battle cruiser called Pyotr Veliky left a naval base in Severomosrk as part of a naval parade in the coastal city, which lies only a few kilometres from the Estonian border.

The two vessels are key members of the Northern Fleet, which is stationed in St Petersburg for Russia's Navy Day parade. 

Sputnik News is reporting this display will also serve as a show of military force to discourage the Nato presence in the region. 

An official who spoke to the website described it as a sign to the forces present in the Baltic region that Russia won't give up its position, and that it will send a key message to the Nato alliance.