Ruth Wilson: 'I castrated lambs to prepare for Dark River'

Ruth Wilson spoke to Jamie East about her dark new film

Ruth Wilson spoke to Jamie East about her dark new film

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ruth Wilson has told talkRADIO about her gruelling preparations for new movie Dark River - which included castrating lambs.

The British actress also gave us an insight into her grandmother's memoir, which revealed a remarkable insight into events of a century ago and served as the inspiration for the forthcoming BBC 1 series Mrs Wilson.

Wilson's new film is a bleak drama about a woman's attempt to claim tenancy of the family farm, and the star of Jane Eyre, Luther and The Affair told Jamie East she trained on an actual farm for three weeks to prepare.

During her training regime she also dipped, herded and sheared sheep, a "physically brutal" process which left her exhausted.

Wilson also gave us an insight into how she picks and gets inside scripts, and told us she trusts Dark River director Cleo Barnard implicitly, given the sheer quality of her previous work.

Turning to her wider life and career, Wilson told us about the memoir her grandmother left behind, which comprised two parts. The family read the first when she was alive, the second after she died.

The memoir revealed Wilson's grandfather was a spy during the interwar period, and shed light on the turbulent relationships of the Surrey-born star's forebears.

Wilson will bring the story to live by playing her grandmother in the new three-part drama series, and she told Jamie she had wanted to "dig in" to her family history to tell this amazing story to the world.

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