Ruthie - Me & My Dad podcast: Anti-abortion campaigners, vegetables as meat and Yorkie bars

Ruthie - Me and My Dad

Friday, October 26, 2018

As a new episode of Ruthie - Me & My Dad lands, we take a look at what's up for discussion between millennial Ruth and her baby boomer father...

In case you weren't up to speed, the premise of the podcast is as follows. Seventeen-year-old Ruth (a millenial), talks current affairs with her father, Martin Kelner (a baby boomer and self-confessed "washed-up broadcaster"). 

If you're still not already sold on tuning in, here's a look at what's going down in this week's episode.

Anti-abortion campaigners

Martin revealed his "sneaking admiration" for an anti-abortion campaigner he spotted in Leeds standing alone outside an abortion clinic.

"I thought this bloke standing there on his own with his little note, 'I'm here to help you choose life'... I suspect he gets mostly abuse," he said.

"I'm not on his side of the argument at all, but I have a sneaking admiration for his actual balls to stand there."

Ruthie disagreed, claiming he was exploiting women who were in a "vulnerable position" and called it "absolutely disgusting".

"If they're going to an abortion clinic, they've made up their mind," she added.


Vegetables as meat

A phenomenon of using vegetables to recreate meat dishes has sparked a debate between Ruthie and Martin.

"You can get beetroot burgers, so the beetroot juice looks like blood dripping out of a burger," Martin explained.

A chef has complained about the trend, calling it "ridiculous", but Ruthie disagreed.


Yorkie bars and 'man size' tissues

During a discussion on Kleenex renaming its 'man size' tisuses, Ruth has slammed the Yorkie bar for implying "little lady mouths wouldn't be able to handle the chocolate." 

The chocolate bars famously used to bear the slogan "It's not for girls", and showed a picture of a woman crossed out.

The branding has now changed, and the sexist slogan is a thing of the past, with Ruthie comparing the change to the recent debate around Kleenex tissues.

"If people want man size tissues not to become man size tissues anymore, then it's not that big of a deal. Lots of men really kicked off about it," Ruthie said.

"I get why people want them to be changed."


There's a new episode of 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad' every Thursday.

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