Ruthie - Me & My Dad podcast: Dying professions, Owen Wilson impressions and the transgender Girlguiding row

Me and My Dad podcast

Thursday, September 27, 2018

As a new episode of Ruthie - Me & My Dad lands, we take a look at what's up for discussion between millennial Ruth and her baby boomer father...

In case you weren't up to speed, the premise of the podcast is as follows. Seventeen-year-old Ruth (a millenial), talks current affairs with her father, Martin Kelner (a baby boomer and self-confessed "washed-up broadcaster"). 

If you're still not already sold on tuning in, here's a look at what's going down in this week's episode.


Transgender Girlguiding row

"Anyone could be a predator whether they identify as a woman or not," Ruthie says, as the debate rages on as to whether parents should be informed if there is a transgender person in, or leading, their child's Girlguiding group. "It's the person who is transgender whose job it is to tell people."

Ruthie cites DBS checks as a measure that will protect children.


Dying professions

In this week's father-and-daughter podcast, Ruthie tells her broadcaster father that his chosen industry, broadcasting, is a dying profession.

"That's nice to know," says Martin.

Other jobs on her list of careers in decline are travel agents, casino cashiers, postal workers and furniture finishers.

But do you agree?


Owen Wilson impressions

Ruthie unveils her impression of Owen Wilson for the first time on-air, which Martin calls "wickedly accurate", and she even has an attempt at Lorraine Kelly.

"I'm very impressed with your Lorraine Kelly," Martin says.


There's a new episode of 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad' every Thursday.

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