Ruthie - Me & My Dad podcast: Religion, Waitrose and saving the planet

Ruthie - Me & My Dad

Thursday, September 20, 2018

As a new episode of Ruthie - Me & My Dad lands, we take a look at what's up for discussion between millennial Ruth and her baby boomer father...

In case you weren't up to speed, the premise of the podcast is as follows. Seventeen-year-old Ruth (a millenial), talks current affairs with her father, Martin Kelner (a baby boomer and self-confessed "washed-up broadcaster"). 

If you're still not already sold on tuning in, here's a sneaky peek as to what's going down in this week's episode.



"The bible is just stupid" says Ruthie, who, in case you were in any doubt, went to a Catholic school (but she's not confirmed). "It says stuff about you shouldn't wear two threads at the same time. Why are we choosing to ignore that because it seems stupid, but believe some guy came back to life."


Saving the planet

Where do you stand on plastic coffee cups? How about corn starch ones?

You might change your mind on both when you hear this segment.

WARNING: May contain suggestions of drinking less coffee.


Waitrose student essentials

It's out with the pot noodles and in with the marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon powder.

To clarify, that's a "posh Oxo cube", according to Martin.

"I've seen an Oxo cube," says Ruth.


There's a new episode of 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad' every Thursday.

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