Ruthie - Me & My Dad podcast: Winston Churchill, Downsizing and ASMR

Ruthie me and my dad podcast

Thursday, October 11, 2018

As a new episode of Ruthie - Me & My Dad lands, we take a look at what's up for discussion between millennial Ruth and her baby boomer father...

In case you weren't up to speed, the premise of the podcast is as follows. Seventeen-year-old Ruth (a millenial), talks current affairs with her father, Martin Kelner (a baby boomer and self-confessed "washed-up broadcaster"). 

If you're still not already sold on tuning in, here's a look at what's going down in this week's episode.


Winston Churchill

The father and daughter duo have been discussing the case of a retired American astronaut, Scott Kelly, who was forced to apologise after calling Winston Churchill one of the "greatest leaders of modern times".

His comment received backlash online, and the astronaut posted a statement on Twitter saying he "did not mean to offend".

"I wondered what you thought of Winston Churchill?" Martin asked.

"He was sexist" and "Gary Oldman played him in a film", Ruthie said.



Martin wasn't happy after Ruthie recommended watching the "amazingly pretentious" Matt Damon film, Downsizing.

"It goes completely off the rails", he said.

Ruthie defended the film's "really good premise", which is a world where people are shrunk down to five inches tall as a solution to overpopulation.



Martin and Ruthie have tried their hand at the online phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR.

"It might be whispering or playing with something in your hands, and it gives people a tingling sensation," Ruthie explained.

"Personally when I listen to it I just find it boring".


There's a new episode of 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad' every Thursday.

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