Sadiq Khan blimp to depict London Mayor in yellow bikini

Sadiq Khan blimp to depict London Mayor in yellow bikini

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The planned Sadiq Khan baby blimp will now depict the London Mayor in a bikini, organisers say.

Yanny Bruere, who set up the Sadiq Khan blimp crowdfunder, has confirmed the balloon will fly from Parliament Square on September 1 given approval from the London Mayor’s office.

Bruere has also organised a Make London Safe Again demonstration in protest to the rising crime figures within the capital city.

The Khan blimp crowdfunding page was set up in reaction to the London Mayor allowing the Trump Baby to fly over Parliament Square during the US President’s visit, and has currently raised over £50,000

In a video posted on his Twitter, event organiser Yanny Bruere said: “We’re going to see a 29ft version of Sadiq Khan in a bikini flying over London.

“And we’re going to see if Sadiq Khan, like he said on Good Morning Britain, does value freedom of speech and democracy like he claims.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain back in July, Sadiq Khan said he would “accept” a blimp of him being flown as long as it was a peaceful protest.

The Mayor also faced criticism from many people for allowing the Trump Baby blimp to fly, but banned an advert that appeared on the London Underground in 2016 that showed a woman in a bikini.

A number of t-shirts have been made available by the Make London Safe Again campaign that show Khan in a yellow bikini, along with him driving an uber.