Sadiq Khan calls for Donald Trump's state visit to be cancelled following tweets

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sadiq Khan has called for the state visit of Donald Trump to be cancelled because of his tweets in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack. 

The London Mayor had issued a statement to warn Londoners of an increased police presence in the wake of the incident over the weekend. 

In this statement, Khan had said there was "no reason to be alarmed."

However, the US president apparently took it out of context to criticise the London Mayor on Twitter. 

When this error was pointed out to Trump by Khan's office, the US President remained defiant. 

He launched a new attack on the London Mayor by insisting he had to "think fast" on his "pathetic excuse."

In an interview with Channel 4 News, Khan called for the state visit planned in July to be cancelled. 

He said Donald Trump was wrong about "many things" and the nature of a so-called "special relationship" means you call out your allies when they're wrong in addition to standing by them in "times of adversity."

Khan added he didn't think "the red carpet" should be rolled out for the US President when "his policies go against everything we stand for."

Meanwhile, the US embassy in London and acting American ambassador Lewis Lukens came to Khan's defence on the social network: