Sadiq Khan: Do ‘whatever it takes’ to stop no-deal Brexit

Sadiq Khan is urging MPs to block no deal

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Mayor of London has urged the city’s MPs to do “whatever it takes” to prevent a no-deal Brexit ahead of Parliament’s return on Tuesday.

Sadiq Khan has called on all 73 London MPs to “think carefully about how they will be remembered” if they fail to prevent a “damaging” no-deal Brexit.

“A no-deal Brexit would cause huge disruption, make us poorer, less safe and diminish our global standing. It would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, tens of billions of pounds in investment and put the rights and freedoms of EU citizens at risk,” he said.

“History will judge our parliamentarians on this issue like few before.”

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has also weighed in on the consequences of a no-deal Brexit, as Labour geared up for efforts to prevent the government leaving without a deal on October 31.

Gordon Brown has joined Tony Blair and Sadiq Khan in speaking out on Brexit

He said a no-deal Brexit must be stopped “in its tracks”.

“To stop a no-deal Brexit is important because poverty otherwise will get worse, food prices will go up, fuel prices will go up and therefore people's cost of living will be affected,” he said.

Meanwhile, the operator of the Channel Tunnel, Getlink, said it is ready for new customs regulations in the event of the no-deal Brexit.

It said it will introduce “pit stop” areas for customs checks, as well as larger parking zones for trucks entering the EU. Around 5,000 trucks use the Channel Tunnel each day.

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