Sadiq Khan: Passenger anger grows over lack of space on Tube

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tube passengers who are unhappy with the lack of space on London’s public transport have hit out at Sadiq Khan online, urging him to increase services.

The Mayor of London has been under rising pressure to provide more trains on the capital’s Underground network so that those who are forced to travel into work amid the coronavirus outbreak can keep the social distance advice of two metres.

It follows scenes of packed carriages this week, with less frequent services meaning that commuters have to squeeze tightly together.

Dozens of passengers, including key workers, took to Twitter to express their frustration at their inability to follow government guidance to social distance to slow the spread of Covid 19.

Patricia Pereira posted: “Jubilee line service packed, Waterloo station escalators out of use forcing people to use the ones that are working and be extremely near.

“Three TfL staff by gate line talking, no one manage the crowd (or) helping on social distancing!”

She added: “I am a key worker, I don't want to get ill!”


⚠️ One in three @TfL staff are off sick or self-isolating: we cannot run more services

⚠️ Employers: staff must work from home wherever possible to help protect our key workers who need to travel

⚠️ If you have to go to work, please don’t travel at rush hour #COVID19

— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) March 26, 2020


A passenger with the Twitter username @debzlips wrote a message to the mayor which read: “Why have you reduced the tube service? Key workers are forced to be squashed together! Out east the tubes terminate at Leytonstone, so the platform is packed while waiting for another tube into London!!!! Nuts! Thanks for that stupid unsafe idea!”

Denise Bennett, from Newcastle, wrote: “Message from daughter, going to work as a nurse in London- 'tube station is rammed'. How can she stay safe, keep her patients safe when she has to travel to work like this?”

Mr Khan has said that it is not possible to increase the number of trains because a third of his Transport for London workforce is either off sick or self-isolating.

On Twitter he instead urged employers to keep workers at home and said that those who had to travel to work should not do so at rush hour.

In a later tweet he claimed that tube usage was down 13 per cent this morning compared to yesterday and bus travel was down eight per cent.

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