'Sadiq Khan should be punished for comments on Donald Trump', says Mike Graham

'Sadiq Khan should be punished for comments on Donald Trump', says Mike Graham

Mike Graham says some people make Britain appear childlike

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mike Graham has said Sadiq Khan should be punished for his comments on Donald Trump's cancelled visit to the UK.

Trump has announced that he won't be visiting the UK to open the new US Embassy in London next month, as previously reported. The London Mayor has claimed the US President “got the message” that Londoners are against his views and policies. He's also claimed Trump would be met with mass protests if he visited the capital city.

Mike was speaking to political commentator Jack Graham when he said: "It’s the kind of smug attitude of people like Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and her crowd and Sadiq Khan and all these people who are making out this is a great victory for the British people.

"It makes Britain the way they are, portraying it [to] look terribly isolationist and childlike and ridiculous."

He thinks the London Mayor "should be punished" for his comments as "I don’t believe that he represents every single Londoner."

Mike believes Khan "has the right to speak out as an individual [but] not as the representative of the people of London" as what he said is "not speaking for me as a Londoner."

Jack Graham claimed "as much as Trump has the right to say various things like different world leaders, I think someone like Sadiq Khan also has the right to speak out if he disagrees with something."

He also said "I think we elect officials to speak on our behalf." But Graham claimed "we do have to take a moral high ground in some areas" against Trump and "we do have to disagree with things Trump does or says."

Mike added: "We need to get away from this idea that we are this tiny little left-leaning island where everybody hates Donald Trump, nobody wants him to come here and everybody thinks we should have stayed in the European Union."

Jack Graham admitted "I think we do have to swallow our pride in some respects in order to create a good relationship with America because otherwise we could be in even more trouble economically."

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