Safe spaces are 'Kindergartens for grown-ups' says Spiked Online editor

Safe space

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The editor of Spiked Online has claimed that safe spaces are "Kindergartens for grown-ups".

Brendan O'Neill made the comment on the breakfast show with Julia Hartley-Brewer, who has been banned from future Labour party conferences after posting a "joke" on Twitter about the event's designated safe space.

"Safe spaces is this new idea which has emerged from campuses and universities, where anyone who feels threatened, or triggered, or worried, or nervous by ideas they don't like, or attitudes they don't like, or words they don't like, can hide away from the world," Mr O'Neill said.

"They're basically Kindergartens for grown-ups. And it seems pretty clear to me that that's what this safe space at the Labour party conference was for."

Mr O'Neill said it was "quite sinister" that Hartley-Brewer had been banned from future Labour party conferences for the five-second video she posted online, with the caption: "Comrades, if you’re feeling triggered at the Labour Party conference, don’t worry, we’ve found the official #SafeSpace".

"They are quite intolerant to any media person, or media outlet, who criticises them too strongly or even, in your case, just makes fun of what was clearly a safe space for any kind of person at their conference," Mr O'Neill said.

"It does tell us also a more sinister story about Labour's attitude towards the media."