Saira Khan to Femi Oluwole: 'Why are you so hung up on Europeans?'

Femi and Saira

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

talkRADIO's Saira Khan clashed with anti-Brexit campaigner, Femi Oluwole, during a debate on world trade.

Businesswoman Saira asked the Our Future Our Choice campaigner why he was "so hung up on Europeans", and reeled off a list of non-EU countries where English was "literally their first language".

"Let me give you an alternative: India, China, America, Canada. Let me tell you, as a business person I've been to India and you know how many people speak English? It is literally their first language," she said.

"We have bigger markets with more people aligned to language, manufacturing and all that kind of stuff in the rest of the world. Why are you so hung up on Europeans?".



"Because quite simply we already trade with the rest of the world," Femi replied.

The campaigner accused Saira and co-host Eamonn Holmes of "fake news" after they claimed the UK was restricted in trading with non-EU countries.

"Let's stop the fake news," he said. "To say that we don't trade with the rest of the world is categorically fake news."

"Not on the terms we want to," Saira interjected.