Saira Khan slams Davina McCall bikini six-pack photo as 'extreme'

Saira Khan slams Davina McCall's latest photo as 'extreme'

Davina McCall posted this photo on Instagram

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Saira Khan has slammed Davina McCall's latest photo as "extreme" and raised concerns that photos don't show what people had to do to achieve their looks.

The TV presenter has shared a photo of herself in a bikini, sporting a six-pack. But the photo has sparked a mixed reaction, with some praising her for her fitness regime while other suggest she doesn't look healthy.

Saira said: "When we start putting these kind of extreme pictures, and I will come out and say I think this is an extreme body type, it does put women under pressure. It puts young girls under pressure.

"She has battled drug, booze, anorexia, abandonment, you know, and the latest snaps of her body just show this addiction to exercise, and that is dangerous because with that comes other health implications.

"I can tell you we see the picture but we don’t see the extreme measures Davina McCall is going to in terms of her diet. She probably exercises two times a day."

But journalist Jenny Francis argued "Davina has always been slim and she’s always been fit" but if she had been "quite a big lady" and then this picture appeared "we’d all be going 'wow.'"

Francis also hit out at Mike Graham for suggesting McCall looked emaciated but he said "I think it fits as the word because she is very, very thin." The journalist claimed slim is a better word to use as "I've never seen Davina in the last 20 years looking anything but slim."

But when Saira raised concerns again about social media's influence on young women, Francis did admit "it’s our responsibility in the media, as parents and people who are educated in health and fitness to make sure we are talking about it."

She also said "I’m not saying over-training is healthy" but the picture could show her this way because "it could just be the camera angle, it could just be the fact she was in the gym that morning and she's on holiday in a bikini, so like a lot of us she's been watching her weight recently."

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