Sajid Javid knocked out of leadership race ahead of final vote

The final three will be whittled down to two by this evening

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sajid Javid has been eliminated from the leadership contest in the first of two votes due today.

He garnered 34 votes, a drop in support from yesterday’s result.

It leaves Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt in the race to become the next Prime Minister

There were two spoilt ballots, meaning two MPs voted but did not support any of the remaining candidates.

Mr Javid had clung on during the previous two rounds of voting.

He gathered the bare minimum of votes in the second round, and scrambled above Rory Stewart in the third ballot last night.

But he was unable to make up the difference on the rest of the pack.

Earlier he said he expected to pick up some votes from the previous ballots.

“These things can be unpredictable. I want to go for it and try my very best and by the end of the day we will have two candidates for the leadership election,” he said.

“One of them will certainly be Boris Johnson. I think I have the strongest case for being the other one.”

Before the vote Mr Hunt said he was “confident, confident, but not over confident”.

Going into the ballot he had a narrow lead over Mr Gove in the race for second place.

However he has now been overtaken by two votes.

Mr Johnson is all but guaranteed to claim one of the final two spots.

He once again increased his lead on the previous ballot, jumping from 143 supporters to 157.

Prime Minister Theresa May has consistently refused to reveal who she backed in the voting rounds.

She said “I’ve said it before and you could probably chant it with me in unison now: None of your business”.

Former candidate Mr Stewart has also refused to say who he voted for.

After three rounds of voting many MPs chose not to attend today’s vote in person.

They were able to cast a proxy vote via a fellow MP.

Tory MPs will vote again this afternoon, with the final two candidates revealed at 6pm.

They will then need to secure the support of Conservative Party members to claim victory.



Boris Johnson - 157

Michael Gove - 61

Jeremy Hunt - 59

Sajid Javid – 34 (eliminated)


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