Sajid Javid reveals ‘Ramadan package’ to protect mosques

Sajid Javid reveals ‘Ramadan package’ to protect mosques

Home secretary Sajid Javid speaking in the House of Commons.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Security training and advice to help keep mosques safe during the holy month of Ramadan is being offered as part of government measures to protect places of worship.

Home secretary Sajid Javid told MPs that spending to keep worshippers safe has increased in the wake of terror attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Mr Javid told the Commons that the Places of Worship Security Fund had been set at £1.6 million for 2019/20, with a further £5 million fund opened to provide security training.

He confirmed the new "Ramadan package" during a statement to MPs.

Mr Javid explained: "We are providing immediate help with a Ramadan package of support for mosques.

"We know that Muslims are anxious for their safety after the atrocity in Christchurch, and that tensions are heightened during religious festivals.

"So we are supporting Faith Associates to provide security training and advice for the Islamic holy month.

"Support is being given in 12 workshops around England and Wales, and guidance is being distributed to over 2,000 mosques, community centres, and madrasa."

Mr Javid also said police patrols near mosques were stepped up in the wake of the Christchurch attack.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said the government's proposals are "timely and appropriate" but added the opposition would keep an eye on how the measures operate, including where the money is allocated.

She said: "My experience is that sometimes the people that obtain government funding are the people who are better at putting in applications, not necessarily the organisations in most need."

Ms Abbott added: "Nobody should have to go to their place of worship and feel in fear.

"Nobody should feel that some of the horrible incidents we have seen internationally may be reflected and what can happen to them in their mosque, their church, their gurdwara."

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