Sajid Javid sets aside £2 billion for no-deal Brexit

More than £2 billion will be spent on Brexit plans

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Chancellor Sajid Javid has earmarked more than £2 billion to prepare for a no-deal Brexit in a major departure from his predecessor Philip Hammond.

The funding includes £434 million to ensure medicines are available, £344 million for border and customs operations, £138 on a public information campaign and £108 to support businesses.

Mr Javid said: “With 92 days until the UK leaves the European Union it's vital that we intensify our planning to ensure we are ready.”

“We want to get a good deal that abolishes the anti-democratic backstop. But if we can't get a good deal, we'll have to leave without one.”

He added: “This additional £2.1 billion will ensure we are ready to leave on October 31 - deal or no deal.”

Mr Hammond had been accused by some within his party of being reluctant to release money to prepare for leaving without a deal during his time as Chancellor.

Boris Johnson has ordered planning for a no-deal Brexit to be ramped up despite saying the odds of it happening are a “million to one”.

He is set to chair his first meeting of the exit strategy committee on Thursday after returning from his journey to regional England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said it was “an appalling waste” of taxpayers’ money.

“This Government could have ruled out no deal, and spent these billions on our schools, hospitals, and people,” he said.

Conservative MP John Whittingdale told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham those against a no-deal Brexit should be “welcoming” the funding.

“All the people who are predicting the dire consequences of that [a no-deal Brexit] and are saying we’re not ready should be welcoming the fact that actually we are now gearing up and making the provisions,” he said.

The government has so far allocated £6.3 billion for Brexit, with the pargest portion going to the Home Office.

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