Sajid Javid: Shamima Begum solely responsible for her child’s death

Monday, March 11, 2019

The home secretary told the Commons that the death of any child was a “tragedy”, but added Shamima Begum was the “only person responsible”.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott brought an urgent question to the Commons after it was reported this weekend that Shamima Begum’s 21-year-old baby, who was a British citizen, had died in a Syrian refugee camp.

Sajid Javid faced criticism for stripping Ms Begum of her British citizenship last month, with many arguing that it contravened Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by leaving her stateless.



Mr Javid said: “I must think about future conflicts and the precedents that we set.

“I don’t want any more children brought into a war zone because their parents think that they will be automatically bailed out no matter the risk.

“The death of any British child, even those children born to a foreign terrorist fighter is of course a tragedy but the only person responsible for the death of that child is the foreign terrorist fighter.”


Should not make 'gender-based judgements' 


Independent Group MP Anna Soubry challenged the home secretary to explain why Ms Begum was considered more of a threat to the UK than the estimated 100 of British-born ISIS fighters who had be allowed to return home.  

Mr Javid responded by referring to the case of Safaa Bouler, her sister and mother who were convicted last year for planning attacks as part of an all-women terrorist cell.

He added: “Had they succeeded there would have been deaths in this country, and no one should make judgements about the threats of a terrorist based on their gender.”