Salisbury church promoting 'From Russia With Love' event

Russia with Love

A poster promoting the event in Salisbury city centre. Image: Kim Chalet/PA Wire

Friday, October 5, 2018

A church in the city of Salisbury is hosting a concert entitled From Russia With Love.

The event has been named after the James Bond tale about a secret Russian crime organisation, and is being promoted with posters emblazoned with the country's flag and a big love heart.

Featuring classical music from Russian composers, the performance takes place in St Martin's Church, Salisbury, on October 13 - just months after the city was struck by the nerve agent attack.



The concert will be held less than two miles from the home of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and not far from the bench where he and his daughter Yulia collapsed in March.

One of the concert organisers and performers, Gill Bolton, said she was "not best pleased" with the design of the poster, admitting it was "off putting" but that there had been no complaints.

Ms Bolton said: "It's a pity we chose that title."

The concert had been planned about a year in advance, and was "not really anything to do with the Skripals and that sort of thing," she added.