Salma Hayek goes to war with Donald over 'Dreamers' immigrant programme

Salma Hayek has become a noted political activist in recent years

Salma Hayek has taken a stand against Trump to retain the 'Dreamers' programme

Friday, September 29, 2017

Actress Salma Hayak has confronted the Trump administration in an attempt to prevent the cancellation of the 'Dreamers' programme for undocumented migrants.

The Obama government adopted the programme in 2012 to clarify the migratory status of these young people and prevent their deportation.

The scheme has huge ramifications, given around 800,000 young people, the majority from Latin America, are thought to have entered the United States illegally. But Trump has announced that the scheme has been cancelled, meaning it will be phased out by March 2018.

However Hayek, star of films such as Grown Ups and From Dusk Till Dawn, is leading a campaign with the hashtag with the hashtag UNITEDFORDREAMERS, which aims to prevent the cancellation of the programme.

To raise support for her initiative, the Mexican star decided to call Paul Ryan, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, to demand his backing.

In the call, she said she was acting "In the name of my community, in the name of the thousands of immigrants that have lost their lives in the army, supporting and defending your community. In the name of all the honourable people that have contributed, not only to the economy of the country."

Hayek published footage of her call with Ryan on Instagram, together with a message, in English and Spanish, urging her followers to contact Ryan and bombard him with messages to show support for the campaign.

The video has already notched up 90,000 views on Instagram, as well as hundreds of likes.

The actress, who shot to fame in the 1990s, has become a renowned political activist in rent years, recently donating $100,000 to victims of the Mexican earthquake.

You can hear her message to Ryan below.