Salman Abedi: Manchester terror suspect 'chanted prayers in the street'

Salman Abedi is believed to have come from Fallowfield

Police stand guard in Fallowfield, the area which Salman Abedi is believed to have lived

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The man thought to have blown up Manchester Arena on Monday night was a religious fanatic who "chanted Islamic prayers in the street" according to neighbours.

Salman Abedi was named as the suspected terrorist on Tuesday afternoon, and details of the 22-year-old have been filtering through since then.

It has emerged that Abedi was born in Manchester to Libyan immigrants and lived in the south Manchester suburb of Fallowfield, the hub of the city's student community.

As well as being a fan of Manchester United, he carried strong religious beliefs and was regularly seen at Didsbury Mosque, where his brother had reportedly been a tutor.

One neighbour told the Mail Online: "A couple of months ago he [Salman] was chanting the first kalma [Islamic prayer] really loudly in the street. 

"He was chanting in Arabic. He was saying 'There is only one God and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger.'"

The picture of Abedi which has emerged on social media

France's interior minister, Gerard Collomb, told local television that both British and French intelligence agencies knew Abedi had been in Syria.

Collomb also said Abedi had "proven" links with Islamic State.

However Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd said only that Abedi was known to authorities "up to a point", and refused to be drawn on exactly what, or how much, was known about him.