Sam Delaney left stunned by caller's view to kick all Muslims out of UK

Sam Delaney left stunned by caller's views on Muslims and Sadiq Khan

Kingston praised Donald Trump for sticking to his beliefs

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sam Delaney was left stunned after hearing a caller's opinions on Muslims and Sadiq Khan. 

Kingston from Suffolk called up to discuss Donald Trump's executive order, which has suspended the visas of travellers from several Muslim-majority countries and spread chaos across the United States over the weekend. 

In the call, he praised Donald Trump for standing up for his beliefs, and shared his views on Muslims, immigration, and crime. 

He told Sam: "I think it's fantastic, I really do. At last we've got a leader in the world who's prepared to stand up for what he believes. 

"To be truthful, the country has lost its identity simply because of so many people coming in. I believe in the rights of people who are born and bred in this country and we're far too small to allow these people coming in. 

"Also, I've got to say, with all due respect to Muslims, if we didn't have any here, this country would be far better because of all the crime."

"To be honest, whenever you hear of crime in the paper, you can say most times it does seem to be Muslim."

Sam, of course, disputed this, shocked by the hardline views of his guest.

Eventually, the conversation turned towards Sadiq Khan, and Kingston shared his views on the Mayor of London's call to block the president from entering the country.

Kingston said: "It's not fair he should be trying to influence things that will happen. 

"He shouldn't be standing up and saying that Trump shouldn't be allowed in this country, he shouldn't be saying that."