Sam Delaney savages Jeremy Corbyn supporter who claims media is biased against Labour leader

Sam Delaney claims Jeremy Corbyn is thin skinned and chooses not to represent himself in the media during heated debate

Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for his leadership

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Jeremy Corbyn supporter who believes the media is biased against the Labour leader has received short shrift on Sam Delaney's show.

Tim, from Canterbury, told Sam that the media is being unfair on Corbyn and he doesn't get a chance to put his point of view across properly.

However Sam said Corbyn has had plenty of opportunities to state his case - indeed talkRADIO has invited him and his inner circle to appear on the show several times.

However our presenter, who has previously interviewed Corbyn for a print publication, believes he is "aloof" and one of the most "thin-skinned" people you could ever meet.

Sam also pointed out that all political leaders have to confront and overcome hostile interviewers, but Corbyn appears incapable of doing this.

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