'Sarah Olney must learn to do her research to avoid repeat of talkRADIO farce', says political editor

'Sarah Olney needs to learn to do her research before interviews', says political editor

Sarah Olney

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sarah Olney needs to learn to do her research before an interview, says the editor of Politics.co.uk.

Sarah Olney has won the by-election for Richmond Park, however in an fiery interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning her PR team dragged her off the call.

Olney was rendered speechless before her press officer intervened, prompting derision from our presenter.

Ian Dunt told Yasmeen Khan: "The question is, how quickly will [Sarah Olney] learn, what you need to learn form an experience like that is you need to have your research sorted.

“In a by-election you don’t have to fight seats all over the country, you can concentrate all of your resources into one place," he added. “In the general election [the Liberal Democrats] won’t have the numbers to be able to do that."

However he added that the Lib Dems may gain from this year's Brexit controversy.

“There is clearly at least a large minority, maybe even a majority, who are starting to think of themselves as single issue voters, who are going to vote on the basis on Brexit" Dunt said.

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