Saudi Airlines threat in Manila was false alarm, says carrier

The Saudi Airlines plane (not pictured) was grounded while police investigated (Getty)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The security threat which prompted police to rush to a Saudi Airlines flight at Manila airport was a false alarm, according to the carrier.

Police surrounded a plane at Manila airport after the pilot reportedly advised the control tower that the plane was "under threat."

Special forces were reportedly checking the aircraft to verify whether or not it had been hijacked. The operation was confirmed by the Philippines' aviation chief. 

Reuters reporters that Saudi Airlines broadcast a statement on Saudi Arabian television, saying the threat was found to be baseless and the incident is now over.

Airport officials were also quoted as saying the distress call was sent by mistake.

During the operation local media published a photo of what was apparently the Saudi Airlines plane on the tarmac. The plane reportedly had 300 passengers on board.