Saudi Arabia arrests 'foreign cell' for plotting against national security

Saudi Arabia arrests members of cell plotting against national security

Security forces monitored the cell (Stock image)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Saudi Arabia has discovered a foreign-linked cell which plotted against national security, an official source has revealed.

The cell, which was working for external parties, was monitored by Saudi Arabia’s Presidency of the State Security, according to Al Arabiya English.

Those who were part of the group, which included both Saudis and foreigners, have now been arrested.

A statement has been released which said "the cell worked to disturb the interests, methodology, capabilities and social safety of the Kingdom."

It added that the group wanted to do this so that it could "stir up sedition and prejudice and destabilise national unity.”

An investigation of plots put together by the group is now taking place, whilst other possible members or affiliates are pursued.

Al Arabiya English was told by sources that members of the group had taken part in seminars and conferences and had been previously warned against their work.