School shooting by 12-year-old girl in California 'unintentional'

School shooting by '12-year-old girl in California was unintentional'

Police have cordoned off the school while they investigate

Friday, February 2, 2018

It is thought a school shooting, allegedly started by a 12-year-old girl in California, was in fact unintentional.

Los Angeles Police have charged the child with "negligent discharge of a firearm," according to the BBC.

Five people were injured in the incident at Salvador Castro Middle School yesterday (February 1) at around 8:55am local time.

One boy, 15, was shot in the head and a girl of the same age was also shot in the wrist.

The pair are said to be in a stable condition and are expected to fully recover.

The other three injured pupils only suffered minor injuries as they were not directly hit.

ABC News was told by a pupil from the school that he thought the girl who allegedly fired the gun believed it was a toy.

If this shooting is proved to be accidental it will be the 166th accidental shooting in America this year.