Scores of local election ballot papers spoiled

Spoiled ballot

A spoiled ballot demanding Brexit

Friday, May 3, 2019

Hundreds of spoiled ballot papers have been posted on social media after yesterday’s local elections.

Voters shared images of their papers online with spoiled messages including "Get May out", "Brexit betrayal" and "Traitors" across their papers.

Another wrote: "I'd rather poo in my hands and clap than vote for this lot."

Large quantities of the spoiled ballots were Brexit-themed, with many demanding Britain's departure from the EU.

However, some remain supporters also spoiled their papers, with one writing: "I can't vote for any party. Stop Brexit."

Ballot spoiling is not illegal, but filling it out incorrectly or covering it with graffiti will render it invalid.

Under Electoral Commission rules, a ballot must be clearly spoiled for it to be discounted.

A Conservative councillor won his seat in this round of elections by a single vote, after a ballot paper with "Brexit" written on it was deemed to be valid.

The deciding paper reportedly had an arrow from the word pointing towards Mr Birch's name.

Words by Wesley Hudson

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