Scottish caller loses it with Julia Hartley-Brewer over Brexit

Scottish independence supporter loses it with Julia Hartley-Brewer over Brexit

Is Brexit being driven by English interests?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Julia Hartley-Brewer fielded a rather spicy call from a Scottish caller this morning, which ended in the caller putting the phone down.

David began by telling talkRADIO listeners he was "sick and tired of this self-centred Englishness" and went on to claim that Brexit was being driven by English interests.

Julia pointed out that Wales also voted to leave the EU, and that all votes in Britain counted equally. However this only appeared to make things worse, with David embarking on a prolonged rant, despite our presenter's best efforts to intervene.

Julia finally pointed out that Scotland had voted to be part of Britain in the 2014 independence referendum, but by this time her caller had hung up.

Our presenter is no stranger to interviews ending abruptly. Last week newly elected Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney had to be dragged off air after just three minutes of an interview with Julia, having been unable to answer her questions.

You can listen to the audio by clicking above, or listen to the Sarah Olney interview here.