Scottish independence: Blow for Nicola Sturgeon as poll suggests majority of Scots back Brexit unity

Poll shows more Scots support Theresa May's UK vision over Nicola Sturgeon's independence bid

NatCen conducted research which potentially undermines the First Minister's reasoning for a new vote

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A new poll suggests a majority of people in Scotland want the same Brexit terms as the rest of Britain - in spite of Nicola Sturgeon's insistence that her country deserves its own agreement.

The poll, conducted by NatCen, found that nearly two-thirds of Scots (62%) think their country should have the same trade and immigration rules as the rest of the UK.

The figures also suggests Scotland's attitude to specific aspects of Brexit is roughly the same as that held by the rest of the country.

For example, 61% of Scots would accept free movement of people in exchange for free trade with the EU - only slightly higher than the 54% of those from other parts of Britain who gave the same answer.

Furthermore, 65% of Scottish respondents think EU and non-EU immigrants should receive the same treatment. Elsewhere in the UK, the figure was 68%.

The study, conducted between February 5 and March 2, was based on responses from over 3,000 people - 859 in Scotland and 2,322 over the rest of the UK.

These results would suggest the majority of Scottish people were more in line with Theresa May's united vision for Britain than that propounded by Scotland's First Minister, who has repeatedly suggested that Brexit is a game-changer which IS rejected by the Scottish people.

Ms May has refused Ms Sturgeon's request for a new referendum until the Brexit process is complete, although the Scottish Parliament has backed the SNP's campaign for a fresh vote.