Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale backs Jeremy Corbyn despite Momentum plot claims

Kezia Dugdale on alleged Momentum-Unite pact: 'It seems very much off the agenda but would have to stop in election period'

The Scottish Labour leader insisted the turn of events was 'interesting' in an interview with Julia

Monday, March 20, 2017

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has backed Jeremy Corbyn despite reports that a group of his supporters are planning a power seizure.

Ms Dugdale, speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, did allude to "machinations happening behind the scenes in Labour", after reports emerged that the Momentum campaign group is planning to merge with Unite to create a permanent hard-left power base within the Labour Party.

However she added that "the minute a general election looks very likely in the short-term, that [plotting] will stop.

"Looking at what momentum are doing with Unite, it seems to be very much off the agenda." 

She also dismissed criticism of Mr Corbyn's leadership, which has been heavily criticised and led to extremely low opinion poll ratings.

Ms Dugdale said: “Jeremy and [shadow chancellor] John McDonnell are going around the country now, focusing on new economics and ways of about the economy to stimulate growth. There’s very exciting proposals in the air.

“[Mr Corbyn and I] get on, we have a mutual respect for each other."