Sculptor defends George Best statue

The bronze statue of George Best was unveiled in Belfast this week

Friday, May 24, 2019

The creator of a bronze statue of George Best that was ridiculed on social media has defended his work.

Artist Tony Currie said "everyone is entitled to their opinion", but he's just happy to have the seal of approval from Best's family and fans.

Mr Currie had the idea to pay tribute to the winger in 2012.

He was able to raise over £2000 through crowdfunding to complete his vision.

The statue of the Northern Ireland and Manchester United great was unveiled in his native Belfast on what would have been his 73rd birthday.

Despite all of the hard work that went into the tribute, social media was merciless.


Joel Taggart was hopeful the tribute may look better in person.


Other social media users had offered suggestions as to who the statue best resembled.

Names put forward included TV detective Columbo, sports commentator Jackie Fullerton and former footballers Pat Jennings and Kevin Keegan.


On Twitter, Jason delved into the possible artistic process.

In reality Mr Currie worker with a welder who crafted a skeleton to build upon before the statue became bronze.


Others added their own artistic interpretations.


The statue elevates George Best to a select group of football legends who’ve been the subject of divisive sculptures.

A statue of Ronaldo at Madeira Airport in Portugal was replaced in 2017 after overwhelming backlash.