Sean Rigg: Met police cleared of misconduct over custody death

Sean Rigg: Met police cleared of misconduct over custody death

Friday, March 1, 2019

Five Metropolitan Police officers have been cleared of the death of a musician who died in Brixton police station, ten years after it happened.

Sean Rigg, 40, who had schizophrenia, died after he was restrained in police custody in August 2008.  

PCs Andrew Birks, Richard Glasson, Matthew Forward and Mark Harratt and Sergeant Paul White were accused of a series of failings surrounding Mr Rigg’s death.



The Met Police misconduct hearing found that “no Met officer breached standards of professional behaviour”.

Mr Rigg's sister Marcia Rigg-Samuel, who has campaigned for over 10 years to get to the truth of what happened to her brother, had to be consoled as the verdicts were delivered.

Earlier, she said: "It's been traumatic, sleepless nights, anger. Reliving the death at various stages in these 10 and a half years that no family should have to go through."


'We are never complacent'

Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball, head of Professionalism for the Met Police, said that the officers were sent “into the most challenging of situations”.

She added: "Mr Rigg’s death, and other very sad cases involving those suffering a mental health crisis, have changed the way we respond to these types of incidents.

“I would like to reassure Mr Rigg’s family that over the ten-and-a-half years since he died, the way in which the Met would respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis has fundamentally changed.



“However, we are never complacent and continually review our policies and training."

Mr Rigg was arrested in Balham in 2008 after he was seen aiming karate kicks at members of the public without a known reason.

He was restrained by three officers and later died after suffering a heart attack.