Second referendum would be ‘divisive not decisive’

 A People’s Vote would be ‘divisive not decisive’

Friday, March 1, 2019

Health minister Steve Brine has said that the result of a second referendum on Brexit would be “divisive not decisive”.

The MP for Winchester told talkRADIO’s James Whale: “We just need to get (Brexit) done and get out safely. We just need to do the deal.

“I do sense a mood change. I do think the MPs who voted against the withdrawal agreement before on my side are starting to realise that they need to take the prize and know how to win. They won the referendum.”



Mr Brine urged fellow MPs to vote for Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement.

“You have people like me voting to trigger Article 50 and voted for the withdrawal act,” he said.

“Now it is time to vote for a withdrawal agreement. To those colleagues of mine, the message is simple: Take the prize off the shelf because if you don’t it might just disappear.”


The deal 'will not be reopened'

The prime minister’s withdrawal agreement was voted down by a significant margin in January, with 432 MPs voting against it.

Since then Mrs May has returned to Brussels in the hope of reopening talks and returning to Parliament with an altered deal.

The European Commission president Jean Claude-Juncker has stressed that negotiations will not be reopened.

Speaking in the European Parliament after Mrs May’s defeat, he said: “Everyone has to know that the Withdrawal Agreement will not be reopened."