Secret Nazi Arctic base called 'Treasure Hunter' found by Russian scientists (VIDEO)

Adolf Hitler (Wikipedia)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A secret Nazi Arctic base which was brought down by polar bears has been discovered by Russian scientists.

The base, known as ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ by the Nazis, was discovered on Alexandra Land, an island around 1,000 kilometres from the North Pole.

The Russian researchers believe Hitler ordered the construction of the base to provide weather reports on which he could base military operations. However the name given the island by the Nazis suggests they may have been searching for a mythical treasure trove as well.

Around 500 objects were found by the researchers, having been preserved for over 70 years by the freezing temperatures. The haul of discoveries included munitions, military artefacts and meteorological tools

Archive research suggests the base was opened in 1942, a year after Adolf Hitler invaded Russia, and lasted around a year before being evacuated.

The researchers believe the Nazi research team was ordered to evacuate due to an outbreak of infection after workers ate polar bear meat.

The island is a national park within the Russian Federation, and Russia itself has been building a military base on the site.

Video of the island can be seen below.

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