Section of Parliament in lockdown after white powder in package discovered

Section of Parliament on lockdown after white powder in package discovered

A 'suspicious package' was discovered in Parliament

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A section of Parliament has been placed in lockdown after a "suspicious package" was found in a corridor.

The package is now being investigated by specialists from the Metropolitan Police.

The package contained white powder, but it is not clear what the substance is. 

The corridor in which the item was discovered is underneath the House Of Commons chamber and several offices for ministers, as well as conference rooms.

However, because Parliament is currently in recess, the majority of MPs are not in the building.

Reports suggest that, because large parts of Parliament remain open, it is likely that the package poses little risk.

No extra security staff have been seen and there are no security alerts in Parliament at the moment, The Metro said. 

A spokesperson for the House of Commons has confirmed that police are investigating an ongoing incident.