Self-driving buses to be rolled out in China by end of the year

Self-driving buses to be used in China by end of the year

Self-driving buses will be used by the end of the year (Stock image)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A city is China is set to run two bus routes with self-driving buses by the end of the year.

Shenzhen, located in the south of the country, is a city known for its cluster of high-tech businesses, according to Xinhua Net.

Now Shenzhen Bus Group has announced that it will use four smart buses on two routes.

The first of the routes will continue for roughly three kilometres and have ten stops, passing the Southern University of Science and Technology.

The second route has not yet been announced by the company.

Despite being described as "driverless," chairman Yu Gang has stressed that there will still be a driver on board to monitor the system when the buses first start running.

He also explained that technicians are still learning about how the buses work and safety features that are installed.

Technology for the buses was created by the Shenzhen Bus Group alongside the National Intelligent Transport Systems Center of Engineering and Technology and Huawei.

The buses are electric and it is hoped they will help to reduce both traffic jams and emissions.