Self-proclaimed Nazi changes his surname to Hitler

Self-proclaimed Nazi changes his surname to Hitler

Isidore Heath Hitler, seen her posing with an ex-girlfriend

Friday, May 12, 2017

A self-styled Nazi has officially changed his surname to Hitler this week in New Jersey.

The man was originally called Isidore Heath Campbell, but as of May 8 his last name is now officially Hitler, according to El Nuevo Herald.

The man said: "It's great. I already changed my driver's licence, my insurance policy, my registration and everything I needed to change. I am the new Hitler."

Hitler's initials are now IHH, which he claims means "I Hail Hitler." He also revealed that he prayed for the Nazis on the day of his name change.

His son is named Adolf Hitler Campbell and his other three children are also named after white nationalist groups and Nazi leaders.

However, Hitler is currently fighting for custody of his children. Reports claim he attended one hearing regarding his youngest son in a Nazi uniform. 

Court records also claim he refused to see a psychologist, despite being ordered to by the courts, because he said that the psychologist is Jewish.