Seven of the most scandalous Great British Bake Off moments

Seven of the most scandalous Great British Bake Off moments

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

With the Great British Bake Off back on our screens tonight, we look back on previous series to reminisce the most shocking moments from everyone’s favourite baking show. 



Series 4 saw contestant Deborah commit a serious faux-pas as she accidentally used her fellow contestant Howard’s custard when they were tasked to make trifles. The first ever baking burglary on the show.


Dropping cakes

We are throwing it back with this one to series 3, as clumsy contestant Danny drops her cakes as she removes them from the oven. She isn't the only contestant to drop a cake but her heart-breaking “I could cry,” whilst making another batch, pulls at any bakers' heartstrings. 


Salt instead of sugar

During the opening week of series 3, John made the easiest baking mistake - using salt instead of sugar in one his bakes. Shockingly, John is not the only baker to mess up this simple step as Rochelle Humes from the Saturdays, made the same mistake during her comic relief episode of the show.


Well-endowed Squirrel

The only non-baking scandal to make the list is a squirrel. This squirrel made the newspapers after appearing in a cutaway sequence showing a little too much. The well-endowed squirrel caused a mixture of outrage and laughter after he was caught on camera.


Using shop-bought fondant

Series five saw Enwezor commit the biggest baking crime and use shop-bought fondant during his time on the show. The judges didn’t seem too impressed either as Enwezor was chosen to leave the very same week.


Mel toppled the biscuit tower

Frances tower was toppled as Mel Giedroyc measured the biscuit showstopper to check its height. Despite the blunder, Frances went on to win series 4 so Mel is probably forgiven.



Finally, the most memorable of all scandalous moments: Bingate. Iain’s Baked Alaska was left melting on the side after fellow contestant Diana removed it from the freezer on the hot summer day. If that didn't seem bad enough, Iain couldn’t handle the sight of the dessert throwing its entirety in the bin. With nothing to show, Iain left that week sparking outrage on social media.

The Great British Bake Off Series 9 starts at 8pm on Channel 4.