'Sex for rent' ads are a cancer in society, says anti-slavery campaigner

Campaigner Andrew Wallis offered advice to people caught in the 'sex for rent' trap

Homeless people are particularly vulnerable to the 'sex for rent' trend, says Andrew Wallis

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A leading anti-slavery campaigner has told Penny Smith that the custom of 'sex for rent' is a chronic blight on society and we must take action, now.

Andrew Wallis talked to Penny about the increasingly prevalent problem of unscrupulous property owners luring homeless and vulnerable people via online ads, and providing them with accommodation in return for sex.

Wallis said that young people, many of them unable to enter the property market due to high rent and house prices, are particularly vulnerable, and many feel that sleeping on the streets is even worse than the thought of having sex with a virtual stranger.

The interviewee - who has been awarded the OBE for his efforts to curb modern slavery - said many people are being left with a 'Hobson's choice' which is simply untenable and unconscionable in 21st-century society.

Wallis said he demands "the law to be changed so vulnerable people don't find themselves in these situations," and urged anyone caught in this trap to call the modern slavery helpline on 0800 121 700.

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