Sex-selective abortions: Children 'taught from knee-high that boys are wonderful' says charity founder


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The founder of a charity that challenges religious ideologies, cultures and traditions, has claimed that Labour's call for a ban on early baby gender tests is "absolutely welcome".

Speaking on the breakfast show, Rani Bilkhu from Jeena International explained how some cultures may choose to terminate a pregnancy because of a foetus's sex, revealing to Julia Hartley-Brewer that she was "taught from knee-high that boys are wonderful".

"There is a significant minority who, unfortunately, women have been almost groomed to think that they need to have a boy in order to stay in a marriage, in order to status of a family, because a boy will carry on the name of the family and also he will bring in money, there's a lot of different reasons as to why boys are preferred."

Ms Bilkhu, who is a third-generation immigrant, revealed she was in hospital for five months while pregnant with her first child, and was disappointed when she "only had a girl".  

"I also believed in this.


'Cultural DNA'

"This is a cultural DNA, that we have been taught from knee-high that boys are wonderful, we've got to instil that our brothers are looked after.

"In the last decade there has been a movement to acknowledge the fact we shouldn't be doing this. We should be celebrating girls.

"We're looking at educating the community just like we did with forced marriages. We need to bring in legislation."

The non-invasive pre-natal test (NIPT) is used to detect Down's syndrome and other genetic conditions and is being rolled out by the NHS as an additional part of its antenatal screening offer.