'Sexist and degrading' shoe ad campaign which featured naked women banned

'Sexist and degrading' shoe ad campaign banned

Adverts for Goodwin Smith Shoes have been banned (Stock image)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

An ad campaign for shoes has been banned after it was accused of being sexist and degrading for including naked women.

The adverts for Goodwin Smith Shoes featured women wearing no tops and nude underwear with the slogan "fancy a pair?"

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) started investigating after it received several complaints from the public.

The ASA has now ruled that the advertisement campaign is degrading to women and should not be used, according to The Daily Star. It said the images break rules on harm and offence as well as social responsibility.

Not only did the campaign use photographs, it also included a video on the company's YouTube channel.

This was described as "sexually suggestive" by the ASA as it showed a topless woman handing a man a drink as well as a woman wearing only underwear on all fours.

The ASA said: "Because the ads were sexist, degrading to women, and objectifying women, we considered that they were likely to cause serious and widespread offence, including to Goodwin Smith's potential customer base."

The authority also said it did not believe warnings placed before some of the advertisements were strong enough.

Goodwin Smith Shoes has said the campaign was supposed to show a "fantasy concept" where men were "confident" but denied it intended to degrade women.