'Sexist' company rejects female job applicant because it 'needed a man'

'Sexist' company rejects woman from job because it 'needed a man'

The woman was rejected for a job at Impulsa Comunicacion

Friday, February 16, 2018

A woman has allegedly been told she won't be given a job on the basis that she's not a man.

Carla Forcada had applied for an account executive job at Spanish PR agency Impulsa Comunicacion, according to the BBC.

However she was reportedly told the job required "a man who could handle the pace of working with big companies."

The woman posted about the matter on social media, and wrote that it was "incredible that companies that practice gender-based discrimination in the workplace still exist."

The 25-year-old told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia she was "insulted" because she could perform in the role "as well as any man."

She also revealed she was sent another email offering her a job, stating this was because "someone in the company knew her."

However Impulsa Comunicacion has claimed it did not intended to be discriminatory, despite Forcada sharing a screenshot of the emailed response.

The website of the company has been taken down but its director has told Spanish newspaper ABC the incident was a "misunderstanding" and there are no circumstances where the firm would accept discrimination.

The alleged incident has resulted in Coca-Cola cutting ties with the firm. The drink manufacturer apologised for having its name "aligned with this discriminatory and unfortunate response."

The Spanish affiliate of Carglass, which also uses the PR company, has distanced itself from the row and apologised to Forcada and others who were offended. It said it promotes gender equality and has "expressed our position to Impulsa Comunicacion."