'Sexist' female-only parking spaces in China 'should be named novice driver spaces'

'Sexist' female-only parking spaces in China 'should be named novice driver spaces'

Female-only parking spaces have been criticised (Stock image)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Female-only parking spaces in China have been criticised for being sexist, and now a sociology expert has suggested they should be renamed "novice driver" spaces.

His idea came after many complained about a female-only space in Kunming. The spot is wider than others and is near the exit of the car park, according to Today Online.

Many have claimed the space reinforces the stereotype of men being better at driving than women.

Whilst initially a novice space may sound just as bad if it is still associated with women, associate professor of sociology at North China Electric Power University Chen Jianguo explained: "If it could be called a 'parking space for new drivers', the label of discrimination could be shrugged off."

But researcher Xia Xuemin at the Public Policy Research Institute of Zhejiang University has dismissed the idea of the spaces altogether and said: "They should be building more female toilets instead of female parking spaces."

However despite the controversy some who use Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, have claimed the female-only spaces are a good idea.

One wrote: "As long as our fellow female comrades can benefit, and there is no downside for the car park management, then it's a good thing."

Another claimed the idea is a "very considerate design for female drivers."

There are also similar female-only spaces that have been installed in other areas of China such as in Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and Zhejiang province.